Un-steering Committee proposes Standing Steering Committee

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Proposal for a Standing Steering Committee

Building on the work of the un-steering committee, we propose the following structure for a standing steering committee. (For additional information about the un-steering committee: https://bpexchange.wordpress.com/un-steering-committee/)


  • Administration of public communication venues (Google Listserv/Group, Facebook page, WordPress Blog, MailChimp Distribution List).
  • Transition of key account credentials through institution-agnostic online space
  • Provide ongoing contact and coordinate with current planning committee to solicit volunteers to be the host venue for the BPE Un-conference. Planning the conference is a program committee duty.
  • Administrative and record-keeping activities for this committee: meeting minutes, meeting scheduling, keeping group on track.
  • Solicit new committee members via online communication and at conferences.

*Note: The committee may develop more specific tasks or formal roles in order to make it as structured as needed to be functional.  Give possible consideration to appointing a point person or “coordinator”/co-coordinators.


  • 4-5 people from the BPE community with 2 year terms
  • The incoming program committee chair; for that year only


    • Regular members serve a term of two calendar years
    • Terms are staggered so only 2 regular members rotate off each year.
  • Note: In order to establish the staggered rotation, at least two of the current members would need to agree to stay on for 2018.
  • Incoming Program Committee Chair serves a one year term

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