2019 Schedule

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Day 1 – Monday April 29, 2019

12:00 PM–1:00 PM – Registration / coffee & light snacks

1:00 PM–1:25 PM – Welcome

1:25 PM–2:25 PMPlenary 1 – Katherine Skinner. Managing Maintenance—Juxtaposing Technology and Community. Auditorium.

2:25 PM–2:45 PM – Break

2:45 PM–3:45 PM – Concurrent Sessions

S01. Levels of Preservation: A Progress Report. Bradley Diagle, University of Virginia Library; Carol Kussmann, University of Minnesota Libraries. Auditorium.

S02. “Scare Them, but Not Too Much:” Fostering an Institutional Awareness for Copyright and Rights Management. Elizabeth Blackwood, Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. Room 1A.

S03. Documenting Digital Preservation: Policies, Practices, and Workflows (facilitated discussion). Carly Dearborn, Purdue University; Sam Meister, Educopia Institute; Nathan Tallman, Pennsylvania State University. Room 3A.

Office 01: Open for – Birds of a Feather / Interest Groups / User Groups. Reserve by contacting carleton@ohio.edu. Room 3B.

3:45 PM–4:05 PM – Break

4:05 PM–5:05 PM – Concurrent Sessions

S04. Collaboration Strategies for Transfer, Preservation, and Access (Combined session). A. Collaboration Strategies for Preservation and Access. Allen Ramsey, Connecticut State Library; Barbara Teague, Council of State Archivists. B. Digital Government Records Preservation: Backlog Research Highlights. Lori Ashley, Preservica; Barbara Teague, Council of State Archivists. Auditorium.

S05. The Rise and Fall of Favor-Based Digitization: Workflows Taste Better on a Cake. Pat Lawton, Mikala Narlock, Patrick Rader, University of Notre Dame. Room 1A.

S06. Evolving and Adapting: The MetaArchive SuperNode Pilot Project. Kyna Herzinger, University of Louisville; Sam Meister, Educopia Institute. Room 3A.

S07. Withdrawn.

Office 02: NDSA Office Hours. Bradley Daigle, Carol Kussmann, Nathan Tallman, facilitators. Room 3B.

5:05 PM–6:30 PM – Reception. Carnegie Gallery.

6:30 PM–8:00 PM – Dine Arounds. Sign up at the registration table by 2pm. Meet at the chosen restaurant at 6:30pm.

Day 2 Tuesday April 30, 2019

8:15 AM–9:00 AM – Registration / Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM–10:00 AM – Plenary 2: Sharon Leon. Collections, Data, and Interpretation: Exploring the Life Cycle of Digital Objects. Auditorium.

10:00 AM–10:20 AM – Break

10:20 AM–11:20 AM – Concurrent Sessions

S08. Computational Tools & Strategies in Enhancing Access to Cultural Big Data Collections. Ryan Cox, Maryland State Archives; Richard Marciano, University of Maryland. Auditorium.

S09. Digital Archives in the Discovery Layer: Collaboration between Archivists and Technical Services Librarians. Christina Beis, Kayla Harris, Stephanie Shreffler, University of Dayton. Room 1A.

S10. Quilting Together Data Maps: The Many Pictures of Your Organization’s Information (Facilitated discussion). Pari Swift, The Ohio State University. Room 3B.

S11. Prioritizing People: Accessibility and Digital Collections. Heather Alexander & Hanning Chen, OCLC; Nathan Tallman, Pennsylvania State University. Room 3A.

Office 03: Open for – Birds of a Feather / Interest Groups / User Groups. Reserve by contacting carleton@ohio.edu. Room 1B.

11:20 AM–11:40 AM – Break

11:45 AM–12:25 PM – Concurrent Sessions

S12. We are MPLP-ing in a Digital World: Confronting the Realities of More Product, Less Process in Digital Archives. Rachel Gattermeyer, American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming. Auditorium.

S13. Improving the Ratio of Information to Data in Your Collection. Peter Anderton and David Portman, Preservica. Room 1A.

S14. Institutional Repository Workflow, Project Management, and Outreach in a Remote/Online Library Environment. Daina Dickman, Providence St. Joseph Health. Room 3A.

S15. Adoption and Use of IIIF for Digital Resource Sharing in CONTENTdm. Shane Huddleston & Jeff Mixter, OCLC. Room 3B.

Office 04: Open for – Birds of a Feather / Interest Groups / User Groups. Reserve by contacting carleton@ohio.edu. Room 1B.

12:25 PM–1:35 PM – Boxed Lunch. Auditorium / Outdoor Patio / Café

12:30 PM–1:15 PM – CoSA Updates Lunch Break. Grab your boxed lunch and join CoSA in Room 1A.

1:00 PM–1:30 PM – Columbus Metro Library Tour: Local History & Genealogy/Digital Lab (full library tour Weds 1:15)

1:35 PM–2:35 PM – Concurrent Sessions

S16. Review, Access, and Triage of Mail (RATOM). Cal Lee, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Jamie Patrick-Burns, State Archives of North Carolina. Auditorium.

S17. Indiana Digital Preservation (InDiPres): A Collaborative Model for Long-Term Preservation. Cinda May, Indiana State University; Matt Schultz, Grand Valley State University. Room 1A.

S18. Digital Creation and Curation Best Practices, Guidelines and Standards: NISO? (facilitated discussion). Jody DeRidder, Information Creation and Curation Topic Committee Chair, NISO. Room 3A.

S19. Digital Stories and Hidden Treasures (Combined session). A. Creating Treasure Maps. Mona Meyer & Jennifer Greene, University of Southern Indiana. B. Evolving Narratives: Digital Storytelling Collaborations in the Classroom. Ashley Butler & Jenna Nolt, Kenyon College. Room 3B.

Office 05: IIIF Opportunities & Extensions. Shane Huddleston, Jeff Mixter, Taylor Surface, OCLC. Room 1B.

2:35 PM–2:55 PM – Break

2:55 PM–3:55 PM – Concurrent Sessions

S20. Leadership via Shared Ownership: An Approach to Co-Managing a Digital Scholarship Center. Stephanie Becker, Mark Clemente, Ben Gorham, Amanda Koziura, Case Western Reserve University. Auditorium.

S21. Community Webs: Creating Web Archives with the Internet Archive.
Chatham Ewing, Cleveland Public Library; Aaron O’Donovan & Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library. Room 1A.

S22. Curating the Profession: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies in Digital Curation Professional Education (Facilitated discussion). Cal Lee, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Bonnie Weddle, New York State Archives. Room 3A.

S23. Persistent Analysis: Evaluation Strategies to Improve Access to Digital Collections (Combined session). A. Collaboration through Analysis: A Journey in Digital Content Management Workflow Analysis. Krista Sorenson, State Library of North Carolina. B. Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) and Access to State Government Information. Jim Kammerer, Montana State Library. Room 3B.

Office 06: MetaArchive Office Hours. Room 1B.

3:55 PM–4:15 PM – Break

4:15 PM–5:00 PM – Concurrent Sessions

S24. Leveraging Correspondence Management systems for Digital Object Metadata. Brian Thomas, Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Auditorium.

S25. Command the Digital Flood. Juan Romero & Paul Severn, LIBNOVA. Room 1A.

S26. Playing Nicely: Managing Electronic Records at Colleges and Universities (Facilitated discussion). Victor Fleischer, The University of Akron. Room 3A.

S27. Updating the Vision for your Digital Repository: Revisiting the Collections Management Policy and Addressing Legacy Collections. Stephanie Becker, Case Western Reserve University. Room 3B.

Office 07: Birds of a Feather: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Digital Curation. Cal Lee & Jamie Patrick-Burns, facilitators. Room 1B.

Evening – Dinner on your own

Day 3 Wednesday May 1, 2019

8:15 AM–9:00 AM – Registration / Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM–10:00 AM – Concurrent Sessions

S28. Collaborating Towards New Directions in Digital Preservation. Rachel Muse, Zachery Whitaker, Vermont State Archives and Records Administration. Auditorium.

S29. Digitizing Modern Archival Collections, Or How We Addressed Copyright in the Murky Waters of Clippings, Student Strike Papers and More. Virginia Dressler & Cindy Kristof, Kent State University. Room 1A.

S30. A Web(Site) for Sore Eyes: Creating a Platform to Store, Share, and Maintain Documentation. Darren Young & Katie Martin, Rockefeller Archive Center. Room 3A.

S31. Workflows and Models for Digital Processing and Description (Combined session). A. Is the Screensaver a Significant Property? Defining a Metadata Model and Cataloging Workflow for Software and Computing Environments. Seth Anderson, Yale University. B. Documenting Digital Forensic Ingest Workflows. Mike Shallcross, Indiana University. Room 3B.

Office 08: Open for – Birds of a Feather / Interest Groups / User Groups. Reserve by contacting carleton@ohio.edu. Room 1B.

10:00 AM–10:20 AM – Break

10:20 AM–11:05 AM – Concurrent Sessions

S32. Quality OCR: A Tango of Available Resources. Mira Basara & Michelle Paolillo, Cornell University. Auditorium.

S33. Problems from the Past Informing Better Practices for the Future. Frances Chang Andreu, Rochester Institute of Technology. Room 1A.

S34. A Practical Approach to Arrangement and Description with Preservica CE. Hannah Wang, Wisconsin Historical Society. Room 3A.

S35. Deciding How to Decide: Facilitating Agreement on Teams. Robin Dean, Michigan State University. Room 3B.

Office 09: Open for – Birds of a Feather / Interest Groups / User Groups. Reserve by contacting carleton@ohio.edu. Room 1B.

11:05 AM–11:25 AM – Break

11:25 AM–12:10 PM – Concurrent Sessions

S36. Accessible Library Websites: When the Department of Education Steps in to Make the Choice for You. Lauren Douglass, East Lansing Public Library; Sonya Schryer Norris, Library of Michigan. Auditorium.

S37. Progress Report from the Digital Preservation Assessment Training Program. Sean Ferguson, Northeast Document Conservation Center. Room 1A.

S38. Assurance Not So Assured: New Technology Puts Data Corruption on Steroids. Jim Havron, Cultural Heritage Cyber Preservation. Room 3A.

S39. Using FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Headings) in CONTENTdm. Terry Butterworth & Eric Childress, OCLC. Room 3B.

Office 10: Open for – Birds of a Feather / Interest Groups / User Groups. Reserve by contacting carleton@ohio.edu. Room 1B.

12:10 PM–12:20 PM – Break

12:20 PM–1:10 PM – CLOSING / Take Aways / Next Steps. Auditorium.

1:15 PM–2:15 PM – Columbus Metro Library Tour: Full Library Tour

2:00 PM–5:00 PM – Area Open Houses: State Library of Ohio & Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum

– END –

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