Recommendations for a Good Un-Conference Experience

Insight into the BPE Culture and Experience

What happens at BPE stays at BPE

The goal of this conference is to share and learn in a confidential environment –  discretion regarding the successes, challenges and failures experienced by other practitioners and institutions is appropriate and appreciated by all.

We’re all in the same boat

We can all learn something from anyone attending this conference.  Attendees and presenters run the gamut from novice content creators to advanced technology innovators, with everything from project managers, vendors, and concept developers in between. Take a chance – ask that not-so-dumb question or float that crazy idea. Expect good feedback, understanding and support.

Talk, Talk, Talk

BPE is a time to talk and listen – shared discussion is encouraged and a great way to network and make connections that can resolve an issue, boost a project or create a new opportunity.


Need we say more? Sharing a success is a lot more fun than struggling with an obstacle, or revealing a failure, but all take hard work, knowledge and dedication. Appreciate the effort, regardless of the outcome. 

Feeling nerdy and socially awkward?

So is someone else. Talk to someone new – they will appreciate the distraction from their own thoughts!

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