2012 Conference

2012 Conference Schedule

“Perils of Acquiring eRecords”
Linda Avetta, Pennsylvania State Archives

“MDGovPics Workflow”
Tim Baker, Maryland State Archives

“Copyright of Michigan State Government Information”
Bernadette Bartlett, Library of Michigan

“Trustworthiness of Electronic Legal Primary State Materials and the Role of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA)”
Joan Bellistri, Anne Arundel County Circuit Court
Emily Feltren, American Association of Law Libraries

“Creating an Electronic Records Policy in Tennessee”
Cathi Carmack, Tennessee State Library & Archives

“Government Publications: Software Options for Repositories”
Barbara Corson, Iowa Library Services

“Collaborative Approaches to Web Archiving”
Lori Donovan, Internet Archive

“Preservation Storage in Real Life”
Kelly Eubank, North Carolina State Archives

“Governor Bob Riley’s Digital Photograph Collection: Accessioning and Processing for Access”
Christine Garrett, Alabama Department of Archives & History
Alan Legleiter, Alabama Department of Archives & History

“State Archives Grab Bag: Approaches to Digital Preservation and Electronic Records Management in State Government”
Martin Gengenbach, Kansas State Historical Society

“Migrating from OCLC’s Digital Archives to DuraCloud”
Lisa Gregory, North Carolina State Archives

“Stories of Risk and Value: the National Digital Stewardship Alliance Content Case Studies”
Abbie Grotke, Library of Congress
Margaret Maes, Legal Information Preservation Alliance
Linda Reib, Arizona State Library

“National Digital Stewardship Alliance and SLIS at CUA: An Educational Partnership”
Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Catholic University of America

“What is to be done? Collaborative Approaches to Web Archiving”
James Jacobs, Stanford University

“Lots of Tools Keep Stuff Safe: The Swiss Army Knife Approach to Digital Stewardship”
Kathleen Kenney, State Library of North Carolina
Amy Rudersdorf, State Library of North Carolina

“State Electronic Records Initiative: Electronic Records Training for State Archives”
Sarah Koonts, North Carolina State Archives

“Business Planning for Geoarchiving”
Butch Lazorchak, Library of Congress

“Legal Information Preservation Alliance: Preserving Our Legal Heritage”
Margaret Maes, Legal Information Preservation Alliance

“Conjunction Junction, What’s Your Function? Using recordkeeping metadata for records management and archival description”
Tanya Marshall, Vermont State Archives & Records Administration

“In Through the Out Door: Questions When Outsourcing Critical Functions of Electronic Records”
Michael Martin, New York State Archives

“Digital Preservation Comes of Age: Reports from the Field”
Mark Myers, Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives

“A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words…and many, many hours”
Abbie Norderhaug, Wisconsin Historical Society
Sarah Grimm, Wisconsin Historical Society

“Successful Quality Management for Third-Party Outsourced Mass Digitization: the Revs Program”
Matt Pearson, Stanford University
Eric Philcox, Pixel Acuity, LLC

“Too Many Fish in the Sea: Granularity in Collecting State Government Publications”
Gary Phillips, Oklahoma Department of Libraries

“End of Term 2008 Presidential Web Archive: PDF Content Analysis”
Mark Phillips, University of North Texas

“Digitization of the Military Archive of Serbia”
Biljana Presnall, Jefferson Institute

“The President’s Directive on Managing Government Records”
Arian Ravanbakhsh, National Archives and Records Administration

“State of the Digital Union: Balancing Legacy and Innovation”
Doug Robinson, National Association of Chief Information Officers

“Solutions for Growth & Scaling”
Bryan Smith, Washington State Archives

“Project Gado: A powerful, durable Open Source robotic scanner for sensitive archival materials”
Tom Smith, Project Gado

“Navigating Electronic Records Preservation with the Private Sector”
Patricia Smith-Mansfield, Utah State Archives

“Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery of Digital Materials”
Bonnie Weddle, New York State Archives