Un-Steering Committee

In the final discussion forum of BPE 2016 last November in California, several attendees volunteered to develop a strategy and infrastructure to enable continuity, transparency, and communication in between annual BPE conferences. The committee was specifically charged with:

  • Recommending a continuity framework for managing communications and passing on critical information between conferences to BPE hosts
  • Developing a communication strategy utilizing independent and openly accessible platforms to:
    • enable conference planning and awareness for BPE hosts
    • foster ongoing discussion among the community and attendees regarding best practices, practical solutions, and lessons learned

The committee includes the following BPE attendees:

  • Marisa V. Bruhns; Digital Preservation Archivist, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Lucy Jones; State Documents Librarian, Enoch Pratt Free Library
  • Kris Kasianovitz; State, Local, and International Government Information Librarian, Stanford Libraries
  • Carol Kussmann; Digital Preservation Analyst, University of Minnesota Libraries
  • Veronica Martzahl; Digital Records Archivist, Massachusetts Archives
  • Camille Tyndall Watson; Digital Services Section Manager, State Archives of North Carolina

Prior to making any recommendations, the committee would like to make sure the channels for feedback and suggestions are wide open! Please make sure you have an opportunity to participate in the conversation by signing-up for one or more of the following communication options:

We look forward to a lively discussion leading up to BPE 2017.

SAVE THE DATE: Nov. 6-8 in Boston, MA!